Holiday Entertaining Tips - Part 2
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015
By Debi Meyer Allied, ASID
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Tips for a Holiday Home Transformation - Part 2

A great place to start your holiday decorating is by deciding on a theme. Do you want elegant, casual, bold or simple? Do you want each room decorated? What supplies do you have on hand from previous years? Are you happy with your current decorations or do you want to change things? Are you going to do everything yourself or hire a professional to do the decorating for you?


The Table. Add shimmer to your tablescape. Set an interesting table for dinner parties. Keep high objects on one end and drape a gold mesh runner down the center. This creates the effect of a waterfall. I like to add fresh flowers along with lots and lots of votive candles.


Window Glamour. Hang ornaments on ribbon across your windows. So pretty! It adds interest and brings guests into the room. You can also do the same thing on chandeliers.


Tree Magic. And now for the most important decoration of the holiday season...the iconic tree. This is the place to showcase your family's collection of ornaments. Make your tree more elegant by adding a white skirt. Decide if you are having one tree or incorporating multiple trees into other rooms. Each can have its own theme and color scheme.

Holiday Scents. Scents of nature are popular, hinting at the arrival of crisp weather. Pine and other woodsy scents smell like a certain time of the year. They say "winter". Holiday fragrance can also be brought into your home with deffusers that emit scent into the air through natural reeds soaked in scented oil. Foaming soaps, lotions and scented cleaning products are other options. From cinnamon and nutmeg to cypress and sandalwood, holiday fragrances stir remembrances of merry gatherings and create a festive ambience.

The Guests. Have playlists for every mood, lots of fragrant candles lit and dimmers on every light switch. I always have something chilling in the refrigerator or iced in the freezer so I can serve a cocktail at a moment's notice.

We love the Holidays and so enjoy sharing our entertaining tips with you.  How can we help to create the home you've always imagined? Let's chat about your project. Be sure to check out our website to learn more about Design with Distinction. We invite you view our portfolio (lots of beautiful & inspiring photos of our work).

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