It's All About the Dog!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015
By Debi Meyer, Allied ASID
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I must admit that at our house "it's all about the dogs"! Our lives happily revolve around our four-legged pups. We adore them. As an Interior Designer I'm often asked to incorporate dog friendly solutions for my clients. Here are just a few to inspire you!


 My girls: Hawley & Coco Chanel


This is the ulimate pet station which is incorporated into a laundry room. Who wouldn't want a washing station, easy to reach towels, canisters of food and a comfy bed?


Another GREAT bathing station.


If you have small pups let me make a suggestion for improving ease of washing. If possible raise the washing area so that bending isn't an issue.


We all know that dogs THRIVE on checking out what's happening in the "hood". Here is a clever use of an alcove below the stairs. I so agree with the saying on the burlap bag "Give.Adopt.Love". That's what we do at our house. Every dog deserves a warm home where they can hang their head!


Here's a smart use of space at the end of a kitchen island. Store kibbles in the drawer above (be sure to line the drawer interior with stainless steel for easy cleaning and keeping the food fresh).


Adding a water line with an auto fill bowl provides constant fresh water!


Doggone cute with the cut out bone "handles".


Photo Credit: Artistic Renovations of Ohio

When building a window seat consider adding an area for a pet bed. The side cabinets can be used to store all your pet supplies (brushes, shampoo, towels, medication, treats, etc).


Photo Credit:

This ottoman serve two purposes: comfort for you and a safe haven for your fur baby!


Every water lovin' pup deserves their own swimming pool ;-)!


We love designing for pets and their humans too! Let's chat about your upcoming renovation project. Be sure to check out our website to learn more about Design with Distinction. Don't forget to view our portfolio (lots of beautiful & inspiring photos of our work). We can be reached at (602) 376-5326(602) 376-5326 .


We can't wait to meet you!


Wishing you blessings and joy,



P.S. Some of these photos had broken links. If you know the original source I would love for you to let me know so I can add the source under the photo. Thank you.



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Debi Meyer - Thanks, Rhea! Let the dog party begin complete with Frosty Paws & Ham Bones
Rhea - What a great blog Debi. It's so you! I love the fire hydrant swimming pool. So stinkin' cute.

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