Spring Refresh - Tips for Brightenting Up Your Home
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Tuesday, March 08, 2016
By Debi Meyer, Allied ASID
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Spring is in the air! Let's get to work. With these quick tips you'll be on your way to refreshing your home in no time.


Start by decluttering. Set aside a few weekends to clear all the clutter throughout the whole house. Starting one room at a time really helps. Make this a family "activity" - get everyone (even the dog) onboard. Generate a new habit - keep an empty bin in each closet, and use it to corral items you plan to give away. Haven't used it in a year - out it goes!

Give yourself a clean kitchen. Toss worn dish towels or better yet cut them up to make cleaning rags. Sell or give away small appliances (like the breadmaker) that you seldom or never use. Generate a new habit - clean out the pantry and fridge each week before shopping.

Treat yourself to fresh flowers every week. Take out those beautiful vases that belonged to Grandma and use them daily. I always have flowers on the kitchen counter, bathroom counter and on my desk. They bring a smile to my face as well as gratitude and joy to my heart.

Clean those windows. Nothing breathes life into a house like sparkling windows. Our homes look so much brighter and fresher when they are crystal clear. Generate a new habit - use a product called Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner. It applies water beading techniques and helps repel dirt and water spots.

Change out linens and decorative pillows. Spring calls for lighter and brighter. Store away heavy throw blankets, bedding and dark pillows. Think yellow, green, and orange as accent colors. These add a pop of joy plus they feel really fresh. Generate a new habit - keep a few reusable bins under the bed or in the closet to store seasonal linens.

Refresh the bathrooms, beauty products and medicine cabinets. What's lurking in the back of your cabinets? Sort through all of those bottles and jars. Toss expired makeup and skin-care items you never use. Wipe down all the drawers and shelves before returning items. Changing out the light fixtures, adding knobs and drawer pulls to the cabinets and buying new towels gives a fresh updated look! Generate a new habit - compile a list of favorite bath and beauty products and stick to that list!

Tidy up the yard, garage and tools. This is our best time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Sort through gardening supplies and plant a veggie garden (either in planters or pots). Wash down all the patio furniture, purchase new cushions and throw pillows if yours are looking worn. Generate a new habit - keep everything in your garage on shelving, not on the floor. This helps prevent accumulating clutter.

Wishing you success and a huge sense of accomplishment as you freshen up your home for spring and beyond!

We love Spring and so enjoy sharing our Spring Refresh Tips with you.  How can we help to create the home you've always imagined? Let's chat about your project. Be sure to check out our website to learn more about Design with Distinction. We invite you view our portfolio (lots of beautiful & inspiring photos of our work).

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